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Paypal is the biggest and most popular online payment processor in the world. It allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely send and receive payments online. Once received this money can easily be sent to a registered bank account or used to buy items online.

Taking paid survey online is a perfect part time job for many people who want to earn some extra money online in their spare time. There are many market research online that will pay you for taking surveys, some sites pay via cheque, some via shopping / high street vouchers and some in cash via our favourite online payment processor, Paypal.

Paypal Surveys

Getting paid with Paypal for giving your opinion would be great if the market research sites that used this payment method were easy to find. Unfortunately very few survey sites openly advertise that they use Paypal to pay their users.

The following are our recommended international paid survey sites that will pay you in cash via Paypal. Sign up to each one and within no time you should be regularly receiving some extra money instantly in your Paypal account.

Join iPoll - International   
iPoll is a new and exciting panel from the creators of hugely popular GoZing Surveys. iPoll will send you numerous high paid surveys every month, once you have hit just $25 in your account you can claim your money straight into your Paypal account. For registering with iPoll and completing the first survey you will get $5 added straight into your account.

Join Swagbucks - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada & Australia        Swagbucks Surveys
Swagbucks is an extremely popular online reward site where you are rewarded for sharing your opinions, answering questions and polls, making purchases, playing games, watching videos, searching the web and lots more. The market research section allows you to take surveys that pay from as much as £1.50 to £40 each. Once you have accumulated the equivalent of just £5 in points called SB you can go to the store and redeem them for gift cards, gifts or cash that is sent to your Paypal account. For registering today you will get a free 30 SB added straight into your account to get you started.

MintVine - International            MintVine Panel
MintVine is a new and exciting survey panel that pays you with cash for completing surveys, participating in polls and offers and referring friends. For registering you are rewarded with 200 points which is the equivalent of $2 (£1.20) and then you can earn an extra $5 (£3.20) for completing the profilers. Once you have just $10 in your account you can claim your money which is sent to your Paypal account within just 24 hours.

Join Brand Institute - International          
Brand Institute is one of the biggest market research companies in the world with more than 7 million members. They specialize in medical surveys but also offer consumer surveys, so anyone is welcome to join. For your participation you will be rewarded with cash up to $30 per survey you take. There is no minimum payout, as soon as a survey has closed and the responses collected you will be paid to your Paypal account or via cheque.

Join ACOP - International              American Consumer Opinion Survey ACOP
ACOP is one of the oldest and most trusted market research companies in the world having launched right back in 1996. As a member you will take part in several survey each month which reward you with points. Each point is equal to one penny. For shorter surveys you will get 100 points ($1) and for longer and much more complex surveys you can earn a maximum of 5000 points ($50). Once you have 1000 points (£10 or $10) you can cash out straight to your account or if you are feeling generous you can donate your money to charity.

CFS Panel - UK only                Cash for Surveys
The CFS Panel (Cash for Surveys) is a brand new online panel powered by Cint. By becoming a member you can earn cash for taking paid market research surveys. For each online survey you complete you will be paid between 50p - £10 in cash. Once you have just £8 in your account you can cash out to your Paypal account. There's no waiting for your money as soon as you cash out you will receive your payment instantly! (If you don't want cash you can save your money till you have £10 and claim an Amazon voucher)

Join Global Test Market - UK & USA only              GlobalTestMarket
GlobalTestMarket is one of the biggest and most popular market research sites in the world. Each month you will receive a varied amount of surveys but the number should average between 10 and 50. You are paid in Marketpoints which are added to your account on completion of each survey. Once you have the equivalent of $50 (£31.50) of Marketpoints you can cash out for a cheque or have the money sent directly to your Paypal account. If you don’t want cash you can also choose Amazon or other gift cards. After registering make sure you confirm your email address so you will start receiving paid surveys straight away.

Join Survey Downline - UK, USA, Canada or Australia              Survey Downline
Survey Downline is a new and extremely unique market research website. For taking online surveys here you are paid 35% of their profits which works out between $0.10 to $20 per survey. Not only are you paid for taking surveys but by referring your friends you get 10% of what they make and 5% of what your friends, friends make. Many people are making lots of money every month from this site by taking surveys and referring friends. Once you have accumulated $20 in your account you are paid in cash which is sent to your Paypal account or you can choose to have Facebook credits. 

Join Cashback Research - UK, USA, Canada or Australia              Cashback Research
Cashback Research is a new and exclusive survey site where you can earn as much as £75 (£40) per survey you take. As well as surveys you can take offers to earn more money. On top of this you could get the chance to be invited to clinical trials where you can earn as much as $140 (£95) per hour. Once you have registered login to your account to take surveys through the survey dashboard. Through the survey dashboard you can also see your cash adding up and request a payout. UK members can cash out via Paypal at £10 or £15 for gift vouchers. US members can cash out at $30 and Australian and Canadian members at $25 for either Paypal cash or gift cards.

Join OpinionPlus - UK and USA Only         Opinion Plus Panel
Opinion Plus is a new and exclusive survey site operating in the UK and US only. They work with some of the world’s leading companies and brands so can offer some of the highest paying survey opportunities to their members. For completing surveys lasting on average 10 - 15 minutes each you are rewarded with points. Once you have reached just 1000 points in your account a payment for $/£10 is automatically sent to your Paypal account the following month.

Join Unique Rewards - UK, USA & Canada        
Unique Rewards is one of the oldest and most popular free offers websites. Here you will be paid for a large number of online activities including completing surveys, registering at websites, reading emails, shopping online, watching videos and lots more. By signing up today you get a free $5 to get you started and you also get an extra 10% on any offers you complete. Once you have just $20 in your account you can cash out by cheque or directly to your Paypal account. As there are over 500 offers available many people have reported that they have earned as much as $100 or more in their first month. You must be a resident of the US, UK or Canada to join.

Join Survey Rewardz - UK, USA, Canada & Australia         SurveyRewardz
SurveyRewards is a brand new survey site for 2015. On this site you can earn lots of money in a short amount of time by taking surveys. The site is unique as the system they use is much more efficient than on other survey sites at matching your profile up to relevant surveys. This means that you won’t be disqualified as often as can earn more money in less time. Once you have signed up login to your account and you can take surveys instantly. Once you have just $1 or more in your account you can request your money by Paypal. Alternatively you can save your money to $5 and cash out by cheque, Visa card or Amazon voucher. As the cash out amounts are so low you could claim your first payment within as little as 1 - 3 days.

Hiving - Worldwide           
Hiving is a market research panel that is growing at a fast pace. After launching back in 2009 the site is now available in over 20 countries worldwide. For giving your honest opinions through paid surveys and product testing you will be rewarded with Hiving points. Once you have accumulated 400 Hiving points you can cash out and £4 is sent directly to your Paypal account. You can also choose to save up your points and for 800 claim £8 or for 1200 claim £12.

ClixSense - UK, USA and Canada             Clix Sense
ClixSense is one of the biggest rewards sites in the world with more than 4 million members. You are paid in cash for doing different tasks through your account. These tasks include visiting websites, taking surveys, watching videos, playing for cash through their Clix Grid, doing micro tasks, referring friends and much more. By signing up with them today you will also get an account for their exclusive market research panel, Clix Sense Research where you will earn loads more money. Once you have accumulated just $8 you can cash out your money directly to your Paypal balance. Payments are sent every Wednesday and Friday every week.

Pinecone Research - UK Aged 18 - 34 Only    
Pinecone Research is an exclusive market research site that is currently looking for people who are living in the UK to join their panel. By taking surveys at Pinecone research you will be rewarded with £3 cash for every single survey you complete. The cash is paid to your account and can be paid via Paypal in as little as 48 hours, no waiting to get the minimum payment! This is an extremely popular survey panel and the registration is only available via a secret link so join now while you still have the chance. Pinecone are only currently recruiting 18 - 34 year olds to join, please do not try to apply if you are outside this age range.

Green Panthera - UK Only     Green Panthera
At the brand new and exclusive Green Panthera website you can earn money by taking surveys, polls, completing offers and shopping online. By becoming a member today you will get $5 (£3.20) added into your account to get you started. As soon as you have just $30 (£19) on your account you can request a Paypal payment which will be paid to you within just 4 - 10 days.

Toluna - UK, USA and Australia             Test Products at Toluna
Toluna is a massive survey community that rewards you with points for taking surveys, testing free products, taking polls and asking questions on their website. For your efforts you are rewarded with points that can later be exchanged for a wide variety of discount / high street vouchers for a number of different shops. Alternatively you can save up your points to get £30 cash sent straight into your Paypal wallet. You can also visit their test area to apply to test products such as smart phones, TVs or other top products which you get to keep once the test is over. Toluna is not one to be missed out on.

Opinion Outpost - UK, USA and Canada            
Opinion Outpost are an extremely popular survey site and are part of one of the biggest market research companies in the world, Western Wats. By taking online surveys at Opinion Outpost you will be rewarded with Opinion Points, once you have just £2.50 in your online account you can request payment via Paypal. Ensure you confirm your e-mail address after registering to start receiving paid surveys. Also for joining today you will be in the draw to win £5000 in cash.

MySurvey - UK, IE, USA, Canada and Australia           
My Survey is part of the ESOMAR organization who are one of the world's biggest market research sites. For every online survey you complete at MySurvey you will be rewarded with between £1 to £5 cash. Once you have earned enough money in your account you can send it directly to your Paypal account. Alternatively you can choose to exchange the cash for Amazon vouchers or Facebook credits. Registration is quick and easy and should take you less than 3 minutes.


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